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Kyrgyzstan: Stop pressure on trade unions

1 December, 2020For two years, unions in Kyrgyzstan have been under threat and authorities are now increasing pressure. Global unions have launched a LabourStart campaign to support Kyrgyz unions.

Over the past two years, unions of Kyrgyzstan have been fighting against the adoption of a draft law on trade unions that deprives workers of freedom of association, significantly restricts union activities, dictates the internal structure of unions and puts unions under state control.

In the parliament’s third reading, unions managed to convince the majority of parliament members to reject the draft law and send it back to the second reading. However, with the recent change of government and political turmoil, the draft law initiators have decided to push through the draft law with no amendments made to the previously rejected edition. The anti-union draft law passed a second reading in the parliament on 5 November.  

Unions in Kyrgyzstan held multiple protests against the draft law. The authorities responded with prosecuting union leaders, constant interrogations, provocations, and pressure. A few union leaders were removed from their posts. 

Please send a message of protest to the President, government and parliament of Kyrgyzstan to express support for trade unions and urge authorities to withdraw from considerations on the draft law on trade unions.

Any pressure on trade unions, their leaders and activists, as well as interference of state and law enforcement agencies in the activities of unions must stop immediately.