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Labour movement in solidarity with people of Belarus

28 August, 2020Unions worldwide are following the situation in Belarus with great concern and outrage. Together with its allies in the union movement, IndustriALL Global Union calls on all its affiliates throughout the world to take further action.

Unions insist that the Belarusian regime needs to know that the world is watching: violence is not an option, and fundamental rights must be accepted

Pressure against Lukashenko continues to rise, and the protests are now reaching a crucial phase. This increases both the chances of success and – as we are witnessing today – the risk of arrests of strike leaders and the risk of violent suppression of mass protests and strikes as the regime is further cornered.

Earlier, Lukashenko made a public statement that miners from Ukraine will come to Belarus to replace striking workers at Belaruskali. This is how unions and workers from Ukraine , GeorgiaKyrgyzstanPoland expressed their support and solidarity with the people’s struggle for justice and human rights in Belarus. The Interregional Trade Union "Workers Association" (ITUWA), an affiliate of IndustriALL in Russia, has made a statement supporting Belarusian unions in the struggle for fundamental worker’s rights to decent work. 

The falsified results of the presidential elections that were held in Belarus on August 9 caused a massive wave of people’s protests. Belarusian authorities responded with unprecedented repression. As a result, workers at many large companies in Belarus have stopped work and held peaceful rallies. Immediately, many workers were threatened with dismissals, and activists were detained.

IndustriALL has called on all its affiliates worldwide to take the following three actions:

  1. Join the global action, coordinated by the ITUC, and to meet this week or next week with the representative of Belarus in your respective countries and/or to organize a peaceful and safe protest action outside Belarus Embassies to draw attention to the situation workers are facing in Belarus and to support their right to strike;
  2. Support the LabourStart campaign on Belarus and condemn all forms of repression against workers exercising their right to industrial action in defence of democracy and human rights;
  3. Send letters of solidarity to our affiliates in Belarus.

Valter Sanches, IndustriALL Global Union general secretary said:

“Our biggest strength as a labour movement has always been solidarity. People and workers in Belarus need our support. Our Belarusian sisters and brothers appreciate all the solidarity letters and videos that have already been sent by our affiliated trade unions and global unions. We look forward to further support.”