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Launch of NXP Asian trade union network!

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22 December, 2015Trade union leaders from NXP operations in the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan-ROC met on 19 December in Manila, Philippines, to launch a network of Asian unions. Many of the unions have faced disputes as a result of local NXP managements’ hostile attitude towards workers.

In 2013, hundreds of union members were forced to leave the production line at NXP Manufacturing in Laksi, Bangkok, when faced with a choice between signing a company form to accept a new work system with 12-hour shifts for four consecutive days to keep their jobs, or leave.

In 2014, the company sacked all 24 elected union officials at its plant in a special economic zone in Cabuyao, Philippines for taking time off on national holidays.

In the same year, management suddenly terminated Jubilee bonus at Kaohsiung plant in Taiwan-ROC.

Participants discussed the following objectives:

  • To share and exchange information on the current workplace situations and union activities
  • To discuss how to develop the Asian union network with harmonized and coordinated structure
  • To set up next steps for creating the network in global level

The participants also appointed contact persons from each union, and a coordinator in the region to for effective communication.

As the result of an acquisition with Freescale on 7 December, NXP is one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world. The company now employs 45,000 worldwide, and the research and development and manufacturing sites are located in China, Germany, Malaysia, Netherland, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan-ROC, UK and USA.

2016 will be the critical year for all NXP workers as the integration process between the NXP and former Freescale is accelerating. IndustriALL Global Union will support the NXP trade union network and also focus on the organizing activities at unorganized ex-Freescale workplaces.