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Let’s talk about Holcim

  • PCSS Indian contract workers campaigning for rights at Holcim

6 November, 2014Watch this IndustriALL video about the violations committed in India by the world’s largest cement producer, Holcim. 

IndustriALL affiliate PCSS organizes contract workers at Holcim’s facilities in Chhattisgarh. This Swiss-based conglomerate employs almost 70,000 workers around the world.

See the background here to read about a history of exploitation, contract workers killed at work, trade unionists jailed by sham criminal charges filed by Holcim security officers, poverty wages, exploitation of local communities, and the company ignoring the union.

IndustriALL Director for Mechanical Engineering and Materials Industries, Matthias Hartwich introduces this video:

We ask Holcim to abide by their own promises, by their own contract worker policy documents, and to be the employer they claim to be. They have to treat their workers, no matter whether permanent or contract workers, no matter whether Swiss or Indian the same way, as human beings.