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9 October, 2012IndustriALL affiliate actions to STOP Precarious Work

In Mauritius, IndustriALL Global Union affiliate the CMCTEU together with its affiliated Confederation the CTSP held a Mass Demonstration on Sunday 7 October. Workers and their families were invited to participate. Their slogan: “Together We Can !”.

In Mauritius Since the promulgation of two new labour legislations in February 2009 workers of the private sector have seen their acquired rights put at stake. 

With the new anti-worker laws, employers can hire and fire at will. And hire again on temporary contract, workers are fired without any compensation. On contract there is no local, sick, maternity or paternity leaves. The Minister of Labour has unilaterally decided to amend the law and render it possible for employers to negotiate directly with a group of workers with view of signing Collective Agreement.  The very existence of Trade Unions in the Private Sector in Mauritius is at risk.