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18 October, 2013

To mark the World Day for Decent Work, on 7 October, the Government Services Employees Association (GSEA) of Mauritius organized a one-day workshop on the theme “Precarious Work-Our Concern”.

The workshop was held at the GSEA in Beau Bassin and included around 75 participants from the GSEA and of IndustriALL’s affiliates, the Agricultural and General Workers Union (AGWU) and the Electrical and Mechanical Workers Union (EMWU).

The presidents of the 3 unions addressed the meeting and highlighted the various situations of precarious working conditions in their respective sectors, this included workers on short term contract, casual workers, agency workers, enlistment of young graduates on short term contracts, resorting to services of retired employees to temporarily cater for unfilled vacancies and migrant workers.

Participants formed small groups on concrete actions that can be initiated in the short run to address the issue of precarious work in Mauritius and after discussions, the participants came up with the following resolutions:

  • The Need to set up a National Coordinating Committee between local affiliates of IndustriALL for more concerted, efficient and effective action
  • Campaign for the establishment of a National Minimum Living Wage
  • Educate and sensitize workers on their rights under the Labour Legislation
  • Compile data as regards the exact location and numbers of precarious workers and their sectors of activity.