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Nexperia workers win collective bargaining after protests

16 December, 2020Workers at Nexperia Philippines have achieved a breakthrough in their collective bargaining after hundreds of workers held a silent protest, staged a noise barrage at the canteen and wore red shirts to work.

Since the CBA expired in January, Nexperia Workers’ Union has been bargaining with the company management with the assistance of Metal Workers’ Alliance of the Philippines (MWAP). 

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on Nexperia’s business, and Nexperia Workers’ Union has voluntarily reduced its remaining number of demands from ten to seven.

But despite the show of good faith, management was still reluctant to hold face-to-face negotiation, and only agreed to virtual negotiations after several union protests.

And although it is fell short of the union’s expectations, the union and the company managed to end the deadlock and sign a CBA for 2021-2023 with a significant increase in wages and benefits compared to Nexperia’s initial offer.


A set wage scale increment as Php1,000 (US$20.8) in 2021, Php900 (US$18.7) in 2022 and Php900 (US$18.7) 2023 was agreed on. A lump sum in lieu of the retroactivity Php6,000 (US$124.8) and a signing bonus Php36,000 (US$749) will be given to each worker. The union also won a meal subsidy of Php1,690 (US$35.2) per month per member and an extension of paid pandemic leave in the event of infection.

Julius Carandang, spokesperson of MWAP, says:

“Don’t shortchange the workers. Our demands are reasonable and the workers know that the company had been performing well in the last three years. Nexperia is projecting itself to become a US$10 billion company in the year 2030.

“We call on management to not use the pandemic as an excuse. It is the time for Nexperia to show appreciation for the sacrifice of their workers who continue to work during the pandemic. They deserve nothing less than a meaningful CBA.”

Annie Adviento, IndustriALL Global Union South East Asia regional secretary says:

“We congratulate Nexperia Workers’ Union and MWAP for winning the collective agreement negotiations. It is fair to share corporate profit with workers, as the electronics industry generates enormous profit for multinational companies. It is a matter of fact that electronics products constitute 55 per cent of Philippines' total exports.”