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7 March, 2024In November 2023, IndustriALL Global Union's Executive Committee endorsed a new policy on gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH), misogyny and sexism. This initiative reflects the commitment, as stated in IndustriALL’s 2021 Congress, to uphold a zero-tolerance stance on GBVH and any violation of human and women's rights within its operations and associated activities.

Poster #NoExcuse (English)Poster #ZeroExcuse (French)Poster #SinExcusas (Spanish)



The policy aims to cultivate a culture of dignity and respect within IndustriALL and its affiliates, emphasizing the importance of eradicating GBVH, misogyny, and sexism. It focuses on educating and raising awareness about these issues, aligning with the provisions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention 190. It also establishes clear procedures for addressing complaints related to sexual harassment, misogyny, and sexism that occur in connection with IndustriALL activities.

“On 8 March, International Women's Day (IWD), IndustriALL will reinforce its stance that GBVH, misogyny, and sexism are unacceptable. Our campaign titled "NO EXCUSE" aims to promote the policy among our affiliates, highlighting our dedication to awareness and prevention,”

said Atle Høie IndustriALL general secretary.

IndustriALL is developing guidelines and templates to prioritize awareness raising and to support affiliates who still need to adopt GBVH policies and procedures. The policy has developed a set of recommendations for affiliates enabling them to prevent GBVH, misogyny and sexism.

As stated in ILO C190, only an inclusive, integrated and gender-responsive approach, which tackles underlying causes and risk factors, including gender stereotypes, multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, and unequal gender-based power relations, will enable us to end GBVH in the world of work.

According to the ILO, the gender wage gaps persist and is even widening in some occupations. Despite progress, challenges remain, such as persistent discrimination and gender wage disparities in various sectors, particularly in professions requiring high skill levels and those within the STEM fields. IndustriALL has addressed these concerns by publishing resources on pay equity "The pay equity toolkit” in English, French Spanish and Turkish, and plans to release a toolkit on utilizing Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD) to prevent GBVH in supply chains.

IndustriALL is also focusing on the future work landscape for women, including the potential effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on gender equality and the need for women to acquire digital and AI skills.

According to the OECD, women still lag behind men in digital and AI skills development. In OECD countries, more than twice as many young men as women aged 16-24 can program, an essential skill for AI development.

Given the current geopolitical climate, where women are disproportionately affected by armed conflicts and rising extremism, IndustriALL emphasizes the importance of mobilizing for gender equality, especially on 8 March. IndustriALL calls on its affiliates to be proactive in promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion, recognizing these values as crucial for the future.

This fight for equality must continue to be a daily fight for our organization. We must be agents of change towards equality, diversity and inclusion. The future of our organizations depends on it.

Let us know what your union is doing on 8 March. You can also join our IndustriALL Women Facebook Group and report back on your actions, or send pictures to [email protected]. Please use the hashtags #NoExcuse and #ALLWomen.