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Obituary: Thamrin Mosii

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4 September, 2012Thamrin Mosii, a trade union legend who reformed the Indonesian labour movement after the Suharto era, has died at the age of 65.

Bro. Thamrin Mosii, the founder and former president of FSPMI, and also former chairman of KSPI, passed away on 19 August, 2012 at Fatmawati hospital in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thamrin Mosii was renowned as a very strong organizer and for his contribution to the building of a strong trade union movement in Indonesia. He was committed to defending and protecting workers. He was employed in PT Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia from 1971 to 2002 and founded the local union in Panasonic and later became chairman of the Panasonic plant union in 1978.

“Thamrin Mosii was founding father of KSPI and FSPMI. After the International Metalworkers’ Federation decided to exclude LEM SPSI on the basis that it was a yellow union, Mossii bravely resigned from the union and helped to establish the new independent union KSPI and FSPMI. This was politically very difficult and brave work,” said Said Iqbal, President of FSPMI and KSPI.

“Bro. Mosii was a wise leader, always clear in every struggle and committed to the trade union movement. He created strong grassroots and managed the trade union with membership and dues. His philosophy was that trade unions must be democratic, independent and representative,” said Roni Febrianto, Vice President of FSPMI.