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Oil and gas workers in Iran on strike

26 April, 2023Contract workers at the oil and gas fields in Southern Iran are striking for increased wages and better working conditions.

Workers employed by sub-contractors in various projects in refineries and petrochemical complexes in the oil and gas fields of Southern Iran went on strike on 21 April, calling for a 79 per cent wage increase. The striking workers are also demanding better living conditions and an improved shift cycle, where they work 20 days and have ten paid days off. Workers travel far for work and want to have enough time off with their families.

The striking workers represent a variety of trades, like electricians, pipe fitters, scaffolders etc. and most of them are employed on precarious contacts.

The strikes have now spread to more than 80 workplaces and the workers vow to continue until their demands are met.

An offer from the government of 27 per cent was rejected, as prices on goods and services went up by 40 per cent in January alone, according to the Iranian Labor News Agency.

The workers’ demands are formulated by a Coordinating Committee, which IndustriALL affiliate Union of Metalworkers and Mechanics in Iran (UMMI) and other organizations contribute to. UMMI is part of the Coordinating Committee and supports the workers’ demands, but are not organizing the strike.

Says Kemal Özkan, IndustriALL assistant general secretary:

“IndustriALL Global Union stands in solidarity with the striking contract workers in Iran and their demands for increased wages as the cost of living is skyrocketing in the country. We commend your courage and determination to improve your working conditions.”

Photo credit: Iranwire