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One-year anniversary - injured workers and family members of dead workers of Tazreen form human chain

26 November, 2013Marking the anniversary of the tragic Tazreen fire, the IndustriALL Global Union Bangladesh Council (IBC) organized a human chain and a workers’ rally to voice urgent demands for compensation and a safe workplace.

On 23 November, IndustriALL Bangladesh Council (IBC) organized a human chain and a workers rally to mark the anniversary of the Tazreen Tragedy. Four organizations of the IBC (TG) group took part with their members in the Human Chain in front of the National Press Club. The Bangladesh Textile & Garment Workers League (BTGWL), led by Brother Kamrul Anam, the United Federation of Garment Workers (UFGW), led by Brother Roy Ramesh, the National Federation of Garment Workers (NGWF), led by Brother. Amirul Haque Amin, and the Bangladesh Garments, Textile and Leather Workers Federation (BGTLWF) led by Brother. Kutub Uddin, participated.

The human chain and workers rally was presided over by the General Secretary of the IBC, Roy Ramesh Chandra, who, along with Brother. Anam, Brother. Amin, Brother Kutub Uddin, Brother. Nurul Islam, spoke of the outrage that victims are still waiting for compensation. Twelve months after the fire, brands have yet to take responsibility for the plight of survivors and families of the deceased. 

The IBC demands that:

  • Injured and families of deceased are compensated following a ‘loss of earnings' principle
  • Those responsible for this tragedy should be arrested and tried, along with the owner of the factory Mr. Delwar Hossain
  • A Building code, along with fire safety in the garments factories, is put in place
  • A labour law and factory law with trade union rights is guaranteed
  • A Garment Workers Welfare fund is created
  • Ethical buying and Fair trade is ensured

Leaders of the IBC also requested IndustriALL Global Union Leaders to raise their voice internationally, along with brands and buyers to ensure compensation according to a ‘loss of earnings’ principle.

Monika Kemperle, assistant secretary general at IndustriALL Global Union, says it is time brands take full responsibility of their production:

We want to make the lable of Bangladesh a lable of pride. Brands need to own up and pay compensation to the victims who have dearly paid with their own health and even lives.