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Organizing and campaign workshop held in Philippines

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25 April, 2017An organizing and campaign workshop was held from 19-21 April in Manila, Philippines, to equip IndustriALL Global Union affiliates with skills and methods to pursue a coherent and structured campaign.

Trade unionists from the Philippines, with the participation of Malaysian and Cambodian colleagues, united to continue the campaign to stop precarious work and to improve maternity protection benefits.

The workshop facilitated by Adam Lee, IndustriALL director for organizing and campaigns, resulted in the development of a clear campaign brand and messages that the affiliates carry on in their campaign to stop precarious work. Affiliates from the three countries shared their experiences on their respective campaigns in their own country and learned from each other.

The long struggle of Filipino workers to end contractualization remains a challenge that needs to be confronted in unity by all affiliates. Advances in the campaign to improve maternity protection serve as a model of effective coordination and the dynamism of women workers that other countries can adopt.

The sharing of campaign activities in Malaysia on addressing rights of foreign migrant workers, and the campaign against short-term contract workers in Cambodia, serves as a platform for learning to improve future campaigns.

The participants brainstormed on how to strategically target factories for organizing, taking into account criteria such as the size of an enterprise, capacity of organization and winnability.

Affiliates further explored the targeting of factories in the supply chain of multinational corporations with global framework agreements with IndustriALL, as well as an established trade union network, where affiliates can work together at the national, regional and global level.