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8 October, 2015

Nasir Mansoor, deputy general secretary of IndustriALL affiliate NTUF said that precarious work has become the hallmark of all production sectors in Pakistan.

"To get more and more profit the industrialists have launched contract labor system with full force. Workers are left to the mercy of market forces in violation of all labor laws and norms, and these market rules are set by big corporations, multinational companies and international financial institutions."

He further said that Pakistan had rectified 37 ILO conventions including nine core conventions but the state miserably failed to protect the rights of workers at minimum level.

Pakistan Central Mines Labour Federation (PCMLF) and All Pakistan Labour Federation (APLF) organized a rally and a public meeting in Quetta.

PCEM  (Pakistan federation of Chemical, Energy, Mines and General workers Union) and PMF (Pakistan Metalworkers’ Federation)  organized a solidarity rally on 7 October. The rally gave a clear message that workers in Pakistan want good working conditions and demand secure jobs, good wages and a respect for labour.