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Peru-based Laboratorios SMA SAC signs first collective bargaining agreement with union

25 August, 2023The national union of Laboratorios SMA SAC workers has signed its first collective bargaining agreement following a nationwide union campaign that received international backing. The new agreement provides for higher wages and other benefits.

On 18 August, the national union of Laboratorios SMA SAC workers, part of Peru’s federation of manufacturing and allied workers (FETRIMAP-CGTP), affiliated to IndustriALL, signed its first collective bargaining agreement with Laboratorios SMA SAC, a Peruvian company specializing in the manufacturing of cosmetics, personal care and household hygiene products. 
FETRIMAP-CGTP general secretary Gilmer Ibáñez Melendrez said:
"By signing the collective bargaining agreement, the union and the company have taken an important step in building sound labour relations, essential for the protection of workers’ fundamental rights. This will help to enhance the reputation of Laboratorios SMA SAC in the international export markets as a company that respects labour rights."  
The 2023–2024 collective agreement provides for financial benefits and includes a commitment to foster good faith dialogue, including: 

  • a general pay increase for one year, regardless of the outcome of performance evaluations
  • paid union leave, with the possibility of distributing the legal 60 days to the general secretary and the labour defence secretary who are members of the union’s governing body
  • financial support and facilities for members of the collective bargaining team 
  • Laboratorios SMA SAC and the union commit to hold talks dealing with extraordinary cases every 30 days or every 15 days, at the request of either party

 The local union's general secretary, Flor de María Aranda Surichaqu, said:

“Although we didn’t achieve everything we wanted, it’s a big step forward for us. We will continue to look for ways to improve conditions for all Laboratorios SMA SAC staff. We are very grateful to FETRIMAP and IndustriALL for the support they have given us.”

The signing of the 2022 statement of grievances, which the union wants to resolve, is still pending. 
IndustriALL’s assistant general secretary Kemal Özkan said: 

“IndustriALL congratulates our affiliate and the local union on this great victory. This is a good example of the union process. The national union of Laboratorios SMA SAC workers was able to mobilize workers, while FETRIMAP provided all the necessary support. As IndustriALL, we supported the campaign which is in line with our global union supply chain strategy. The struggle goes on!”