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Philippine unions advocate sustainable industrial policy

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18 April, 2016With the support of the IndustriALL South East Asia regional office, 13 federations affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union participated in a national forum held on 12 April at Quezon City, Philippines. The forum was aimed at setting a labour agenda advocating a sustainable industrial policy.

IndustriALL regional secretary Annie Adviento and representatives from the department of trade and industry and civil society organizations attended the meeting.

At a workshop in 2015, capacity-building and deepened understanding of the concept of a sustained industry in the national context plan was discussed. Annie Adviento reiterated the importance of affiliates working on how to realise these policy proposals in the Philippine context. Though the Philippines have achieved a remarkable gains in terms of GDP growth in recent years, the issue of unemployment and underemployment, poverty wage and inequality remains a major challenge.

“As trade unions we have to be at the forefront in finding a better, balanced and pragmatic solution for sustainable industry and taking into account the development aspect with a better life for the people and respect for environment,” said Adviento.

Concluding the forum, affiliates pledged to continue advancing the agenda of a sustainable industrial policy integrating labour and social component. A working group was formed to identify priority sectors for industrial studies that will serve as reference tool for engagement with the government and other key stakeholders.