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Philippines - proposed law extends maternity leave to 100 days

14 November, 2015On 10 November, the Philippines House of Representatives Committee on Women and Gender Equality unanimously approved proposed laws extending maternity leave from 60 to 100 days.

The proposed law increases maternity leave from 60 to 100 days, and covers pregnant employees in both public and private sectors, regardless of employment and civil status. There is an optional 30 days leave without pay.     

The proposed law is a milestone for advocates of maternity protection. The Philippines is one of the countries in Asia with the shortest maternity leave.

Trade unions have been campaigning for the ratification of ILO 183: Maternity Protection Convention since its adoption in 2000, particularly on increasing maternity leave benefits. 

The bills both from Senate and House of Representatives will be submitted to the plenary for further deliberation and approval for second and third reading. Once approved by both chambers, it will be submitted to the President for approval.