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Precarious work in India

19 June, 2012Indian governments put more workers into precarious jobs than private sector bosses.

30% of all workers in India's private sector are employed in precarious jobs as contract workers.

But the numbers stuck in precarious work in the Indian public sector is higher than the private sector - according to an analysis released today at the IndustriALL Global Union founding Congress in Copenhagen.

Political class not setting high standards 

"Why should the Indian private sector change the way they treat their workforce when they see the public sector being a worse employer when it comes to precarious jobs?," Jyrki Raina, the general-secretary of IndustriALL Global Union said.

"Government should be setting high standards to protect their citizens living standards;  but this important new report shows that in India the political class is ignoring this vital issue." 

Growing industrial sectors makes its profits on back of millions of insecure workers

The growing industrial sectors in India seems to be dependent on precarious workers to make their massive profits, the 12-page IndustriALL campaign report entitled Precarious jobs in India.

The manufacturing workforce in India is divided into the 'haves' who have permanent jobs, and the 'have nots' who work for contractors or are on direct but temporary 'hire and fire' contracts.

Poor health and safety standards. Contract workers lives not equal to permanent workforce

"It is not just that the wages are markedly different - but these Indian contract workers aren't even delivered the same health and safety standards. 

"They work next to a permanent worker but are not given the safety gloves, safety shoes and helmets or masks or ear plugs that the permanent workforce gets as of right," Mr Raina noted.

Landmark Indian Supreme Court judgement backs campaign

IndustriALL Global Union, will be supporting its seven big Indian union affiliates in a campaign to fight the spread of precarious work.

"We will be relying on a landmark judgement by the Supreme Court of India, in September 2011, which puts our campaign on a strong footing as the judgement on contract labour which exposed the exploitation and subterfuge used to deny working people their rights," Mr Raina said.

Global support for Indian campaign to end precarious jobs

"This 12 page report provides important case studies in the chemical, cement, mining and textile and garment industries which can be the basis of strong effective union campaigns which will get the global solidarity of all IndustriALL Global Union affiliates.

"After all an injury to one is an injury to all," the IndustriALL General Secretary, Jyrki Raina, said.

Follow the link to read the report.