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Rana Plaza brands must pay compensation by 9am on 24 April

7 March, 2014It is crunch time now for the Rana Plaza compensation fund. The one-year anniversary of the mass industrial homicide is fast approaching. IndustriALL, UNI, Clean Clothes Campaign and LabourStart have launched an online petition calling on brands to pay now.

The total fund needed is US$40 million for correct levels of payments to be made to the families of those 1,138 workers crushed to death at their workstations in Rana Plaza, and also to the survivors, hundreds of whom lost limbs and their ability to work when the factory fell.

An inclusive process has been conducted under the stewardship of the ILO during the second half of 2013, achieving a final agreement in December 2013 with the signed commitment from all parties. The Arrangement set out to build the Donor Trust Fund Cosigning partners of the Rana Plaza Coordination Committee and the Arrangement framework include the Bangladeshi government, Bangladeshi unions, Bangladeshi manufacturers, IndustriALL Global Union and the Clean Clothes Campaign, as well as four key brands.

The Fund is open for anyone to make a humanitarian contribution, and all clothing brands sourcing Bangladesh are encouraged to do so.

However this long list of brands connected with Rana Plaza MUST pay their share as a matter of urgency. 

Adler, Auchan, Benetton, Camaieu, Carrefour, Carrona, Cato Fashions, Children’s Place, JC Penney, Kids for Fashion, Lee Cooper, Manifattura Corona, Mango, Matalan, NKD, Premier Clothing, Primark, PVT (Texman), Store 21, Yes Zee, Walmart.

Support IndustriALL Global Union, UNI Global Union and the Clean Clothes Campaign in ensuring all these brands pay. Sign the LabourStart campaign here and tell the Rana Plaza brands:

If your company is still on this list on 24 April, the one-year anniversary of the disaster, your message to consumers everywhere will be clear regarding conditions in your supply chain.

You and your organization can also make a solidarity payment into the fund by following the instructions on the dedicated website of the Rana Plaza Arrangement.