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Renault blacklisted by Swedish investment bank

13 June, 2017Following labour violations at the Renault Oyak plant in Bursa, Turkey, major Swedish bank SEB has blacklisted the French auto manufacturer, referring to events in February last year when local management used police to forcefully remove protestors.

In February 2016, management at Renault's Oyak plant in Bursa, Turkey, cancelled planned elections on worker representations the day before they were scheduled to take place, citing pressure from Turkey’s Ministry of Labour and Social Security who had labeled the elections illegal. In addition, the car giant immediately dismissed ten workers, including two spokespersons.

Oyak plant management then fired additional workers; 76 people lost their jobs and around 600 were asked to leave with severance packages in the days that followed. Local factory management engaged police to intervene against the peaceful protestors, intimidating workers at their homes and as they came on and off their shifts.

IndustriALL strongly condemned the actions of the plant management and Renault's blatant lack of taking action to remedy the situation in Turkey, which is in direct violation of the commitments made in the global framework agreement with IndustriALL Global Union, consolidating the company’s commitments to ILO’s labour standards, including freedom of association and neutrality.

Renault is responsible for all its units worldwide and its entire supply chain. The fact that Renault is now blacklisted by a major investment bank shows that there is nowhere to hide if you violate workers' rights,

says Valter Sanches, IndustriALL General Secretary.

IndustriALL Global Union continues to demand that Renault fulfills the commitments established in the GFA.