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25 May, 2012A Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with Rhodia was signed on January 31, 2005 and renewed on March 25, 2008. Rhodia is a French-based group specialized in fine chemistry, synthetic fibers and polymers.

The GFA includes strong language regarding responsible behaviour by the company’s suppliers and subcontractors. It is supported by IndustriALL French affiliates Fedechemie (CGT-FO) and Federation Chimie Energie (CFDT).

The agreement creates a joint safety issues discussion group; allows the agreement’s application to be audited by an outside expert jointly chosen by the two parties; and, following successful early joint missions, sets up an annual mission to a country to assess terms of the accord.

In addition a joint Global Safety Forum has been created in order to bring higher health and safety standards into the company for its 15,000 worldwide employees. The Forum was officially established in 2010.