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4 October, 2012IndustriALL affiliate actions to STOP Precarious Work

In Chelyabinsk, Russia, young members of IndustriALL affiliate the Mining and Metallurgical Workers’ Union (MMWU) took action in the park on 7 October. They called for decent work and social guarantees, affordable housing. Some activists wore stilts to show how high prices and housing bills get. Others wore red patches over their mouths to show that they lack voice in deciding their fate.

Earlier union activists held a massive motor rally over the whole Chelyabisnk area in support of their demands. They distributed union leaflets and other printed materials.

In the cities and towns of Chelyabisnk area, Russia, MMWU held pickets and distributed leaflets and printed media. On 5 October workers of Chelyabinsk Metal Plant took action in the city itself.

On 6 October MMWU members at Bakal Mining Administration held a city-wide conference in the mining town of Bakal, Chelyabinsk area. Over 200 participants adopted a resolution calling the authorities to support natioonal industry, include unions in law-making process, raise minimum wage to the subsistence minimum, prioritise modernization of the plants over restructuring and dismissals.

In general, Russian unions affiliated to the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR) didn’t take action on the streets. Rather, they discussed in union branches and locals the new project of the Decent Work Standard developed by the FNPR.

IndustriALL Global Union affiliate the Trade Union of Autoworkers (ITUA), will take part in demonstrations in Moscow and Saint Petersburg on 7 October. ITUA is affiliated to the national center, the Confederation of Labour of Russia which will hold rallies in the two biggest Russian cities as part of the World Day for Decent Work. The goal is to protest against the proposed changes to labour legislation in Russia.

The Russian employers’ association mounted a new attack on workers’ rights, reintroducing its proposal for a 60-hour work week, but also suggesting to legalize agency work and greatly reduce guarantees provided by work contracts, thereby damaging permanent employment. That’s why the campaign to STOP precarious work will be one of the major themes in Moscow and Saint Petersburg rallies on 7 October.