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Sanofi trade union network building constructive relationship with management

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22 December, 2022Several years of coordination between trade unions around the world at Sanofi have built a strong network, that is now building its working relationship with the company management. 

At the IndustriALL Global Sanofi Trade Union Network meeting at the company offices in Paris on 16 December, Sanofi employee representatives from Asia, Latin America and Europe invited management to discuss the company’s policies for respectful operations regarding people and the environment.

While IndustriALL affiliates in some countries are facing challenging issues at Sanofi, the full network welcomed the constructive management message about building a relationship with IndustriALL and the Union Network.

Aline Eysseric, Chair of the IndustriALL Global Sanofi Trade Union Network said:

“Sanofi employees around the world are seeing their living costs rise and are working to increase their wages to keep up with inflation. Our Network includes worker representatives reporting a range of realities, from mature industrial relations, to deadlocked negotiations. We are committed to working together to improve the lives of Sanofi employees everywhere.”

Sanofi is a world leading pharmaceuticals company, headquartered in France. The company’s recent financial performance has been very strong, posting nearly 38 billion euros in sales last year, and growth this year of over 17 per cent. The company’s global workforce has reduced over the last six years from 106,000 to 95,000, with most of the cuts made in sales positions.

The company has 69 industrial sites in 32 countries, and 21 research and development sites in 7 countries.

IndustriALL affiliates in different Asian countries are dealing with Sanofi reducing or selling their operations. These cases in particular require follow up between management and the global network.

IndustriALL Pharmaceuticals sector director Tom Grinter said:

“This is progress for the IndustriALL Sanofi Trade Union Network. Management is working constructively with us, and we will be following up on the priority issues of the group. Our network has strong unity, an experienced Chair, good flowing communication between the members throughout the regions, and a common commitment to work together to solve issues facing Sanofi workers.”