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Say NO to the hazards of precarious work

13 September, 2012The latest issue of Hazards magazine includes a detailed report on the challenges of precarious work and, with 7 October fast approaching, IndustriALL Global Union is calling on affiliates worldwide to mobilize and take action.

Hazards magazine has just released “trashed!” a detailed report on the challenges of the dangerous shift to increasingly precarious work. Hazards editor Rory O’Neill examines the lasting health damage caused to an increasingly disposable workforce. “In a recession-ravaged world, even if you’ve got a permanent job, you feel insecure. If you’ve got a temporary job, you are permanently insecure.”

Union activists have already started preparing actions around 7 October. Last week 695 people joined the online cause to STOP precarious work, bringing the total to currently 1,310 members of which 285 have taken the pledge to take action.  Join the cause and sign the pledge to take action around 7 October and help us reach 1,000 pledges 

There are no limits on the forms of action that you and your union can take on or around 7 October to support the global fight against precarious work. Actions could include street protests, seminars, membership meetings, press conferences, public meetings, rallies, workplace actions, letter writing campaigns and delegations to governments.

Let’s turn facebook and twitter RED on 7 October, change your profile picture and share with your facebook community. Download the STOP precarious work image and upload it to your cover picture. Follow IndustriALL on twitter and tweet using the #STOPprecariouswork hashtag and IndustriALL will retweet your actions and photos.