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Life sentences for Maruti Suzuki workers

21 March, 2017On 18 March, the Gurgaon district court delivered its sentencing for the 31 Maruti Suzuki workers, sentencing 13 union officials to life imprisonment. To express their dissent against the judgment, workers in six different Maruti Suzuki plants downed their tools for one hour on 20 March.

India: 117 workers acquitted and 31 convicted in Maruti Suzuki case

10 March, 2017On 10 March the Gurgaon district court delivered the judgment on the case on violence at Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant. The court acquitted 117 workers while 31, including all union office bearers, were found guilty.

India – violence against peaceful demonstration at Maruti Suzuki plant gates

1 October, 2015A new wage agreement covering only permanent employees has been reached at Maruti Suzuki plants in India. Having been left out of the agreement, temporary workers raised their voices at the gates at the Manesar plant only to see a violent end to their peaceful demonstration.

81 Maruti Suzuki workers granted bail

20 March, 2015In the recent development of Maruti Suzuki Manesar case, 81 workers were granted bail by a local court in Haryana. The workers had been in jail since July 2012 on charges of violence and murder of a company manager.

India - 2000 protestors march to free jailed Maruti Suzuki workers

3 February, 2014More than 2000 demonstrators took to the streets in New Delhi on Friday to demand the release of 147 Maruti Suzuki workers arrested in July 2012.

Support the hunger strike of Maruti Suzuki workers

15 July, 2013Workers at Maruti Suzuki are planning a hunger strike and a sit-in demonstration in Manesar, India, on 18 July. The aim is to free 147 jailed workers.

Maruti Suzuki workers prepare hunger strike in India

12 July, 2013For the workers at the Maruti Suzuki plant in India, 18 July marks an unwanted anniversary filled with flagrant anti-union behavior from the police and authorities. Attempting to put end to the repression, a hunger strike is planned.

Sit-in in support of Maruti Suzuki workers

30 May, 2013On 27 May members of Indian unions staged protest action to render their support to Maruti Suzuki workers.