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Tanzanian unions engage on the national action plan on business and human rights

11 July, 2024With Tanzania’s national action plan (NAP) on business and human rights at an advanced stage of formulation and expected to be finalized before the end of the year, 30 participants from trade unions, civil society organizations, and informal economy workers met in Dar es Salaam on 9-10 July to strategize on the demands that they want included.

Workers confront sexual exploitation at Ugandan cardboard manufacturing factory

9 July, 2024Following a series of training workshops to stop gender-based violence, workers are confronting the perpetrators as heard in testimonies at IndustriALL women’s committee meetings.

Lesotho: enhancing safety and inclusiveness at work

27 June, 2024Unions in Lesotho are supporting a project on safe and inclusive work environments which will focus on occupational health and safety and ending gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH).

The fight for ratification of C190 must continue

20 June, 2024June marks five years since the adoption of the International Labour Organization’s Convention (ILO C190) to end violence and harassment in the workplace. This landmark Convention presents a significant opportunity for unions to advance their fight against gender-based violence, and IndustriALL and its affiliates are campaigning vigorously for its ratification.

Breaking down barriers for women miners in Africa

13 June, 2024Women miners in Sub-Saharan Africa are seeing the adoption of newer technologies as a game changer in the sector. With artificial intelligence and big data having an impact on mining, there are huge benefits that are expected to accrue for women in mining.

Empowering women in Tunisia: a workshop on health and safety

24 May, 2024On 9-11 May, IndustriALL organized a workshop on occupational health and safety for the Tunisian women’s network. It is a step towards empowering Tunisian women in the textile, base metal and petrochemical sectors, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for their rights and safety in their respective industries.

IndustriALL women’s committee meeting calls for inclusivity

23 May, 2024Gender equality achievements, the impact of AI on women workers and strengthening young women’s participation and representation in IndustriALL were agenda items at IndustriALL’s women committee meeting in Geneva on 21 May. 

Ivorian union campaigns for gender equality in the mines

22 May, 2024Critical issues for women in the mining sector in Côte d’Ivoire include fighting for gender equality, closing the gender pay gap, increasing the representation of women in leadership in the union, the elimination of gender discrimination, demand that mining companies comply with health and safety laws, and the introduction of workplace policies to end gender-based violence and harassment. 

Women and young workers in Nepal want inclusive union structures

3 May, 2024As part of the project, Building Inclusive Unions in South Asia, IndustriALL organized a workshop for young and women workers in Kathmandu on 19-20 and 21-22 April, respectively.

Indonesian women's committee gets safe houses

2 April, 2024The IndustriALL Indonesia council women’s committee successfully negotiated five workplace-level safe houses at Evoluzione Tyre Indonesia, Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes Indonesia, Sinar Tambang Artha Lestari, Indocement Cirebon Plant, and Semen Padang.