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Georg Fischer consistently spurns union rights in Turkey

3 April, 2014IndustriALL Global Union repeatedly calls on Swiss-based multinational company Georg Fischer to put an end to violations of union rights in Turkey and demands immediate reinstatement of 37 dismissed workers.

Metalworkers of Kazakhstan prepare to fight for their 13th salary in court

2 April, 2014The trade union of metalworkers «ZHAKTAU» is going to sue the board of directors of the company ArcelorMittal Temirtau for their refusal to pay the contract based 13th monthly salary for 2013.

Ethiopian Unions Form Women’s Committee

2 April, 2014IndustriALL women members in Ethiopia unite to fight inequality and to organize more women into unions.

Strikers say ‘No’ to Crown’s miserable offer in Canada

27 March, 2014After seven months of hardship striking workers at Crown operation in Toronto are determined by declining unfair offer made by the company.

Union members go on hunger strike in Belarus

26 March, 2014In the morning of 25 March members of the Free Trade Union of Belarus (SPB) started a three-day hunger strike at the Bobruisk Factory of Tractor Parts and Units (BZTDiA). The workers made this decision because of the reluctance of the management to start bargaining.

Labour conflicts deepen at Glencore Xstrata subsidiary

25 March, 2014Workers at a Glencore copper mining company in Southern Peru have walked off the job in protest at labour rights’ abuses.

Analysis of labour conflicts and protests in Russia

24 March, 2014The recent research of the Center for Social and Labor Rights (CSLR) called “Labour Protests in Russia in 2008-2013” gives an insight into labour conflicts and protests in Russia for the last six years.

3,600 oil workers in Jordan prepare to strike

21 March, 2014The General Union of Petroleum & Chemical Workers in Jordan has spent several weeks trying to get the government to respond to the demands raised by 3,600 workers representing the total workforce of Jordan's only oil refinery. The government's refusal to enter into dialogue has left them with no other option than to announce a full strike for 24 March.

Italian unions mobilize against dismissals at Micron Semiconductor

21 March, 2014IndustriALL Italian affiliates FIM, FIOM and UILM together with the employees are undertaking a series of protests and intensive mobilization with the goal of informing government agencies and involving the parent company in the negotiations.

Crown once again tramples labour rights

20 March, 2014The Turkish subsidiary of Crown Holdings, Crown Bevcan, dismissed four trade union leaders with false and groundless charges as they had led union organizing at the company plant located in Izmit.