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Continued repression against union activists in Belarus

8 March, 2023Authorities in Belarus continue to crack down on what is left of the independent union movement in the country. In the last week, several activists have been arrested on trumped up charges in an attempt to stop the movement for a democratic country.

Concerns over workers' rights violations at POSCO Assan in Turkey

2 March, 2023IndustriALL Global and IndustriALL Europe  present evidence and set out a case against steel company POSCO Assan’s claims to the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC).

Ukraine still suffering one year later

24 February, 2023On the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine,  IndustriALL Global Union, industriAll Europe and their affiliates call for peace, democracy and rebuilding of Ukraine. 

Aggressive anti-union tactics intensify at textile plant in Turkey

21 February, 2023After workers at Barutçu Tekstil joined their local union, they were dismissed. In response, the nine dismissed women started picketing in front of the factory. Over 100 days later, some of the dismissed workers and union officials got ammonia poisoning while demonstrating in front of the plant.

Ukrainian unions set to fight rights’ violations

13 February, 2023As the first anniversary of the Russian invasion approaches, IndustriALL Global Union and industriAll Europe met with Ukrainian affiliates on 9 February to discuss human and workers’ rights violations in the country.

Changing the narrative on poverty in mineral rich African countries

9 February, 2023Artisanal small-scale miners in Sub Saharan Africa mine high value minerals including cobalt, gold and manganese. Yet their mining operations remain mainly informal and dangerous.

Ashok Leyland workers demand end to precarious work

8 February, 2023Unions affiliated to the Working People Trade Union Congress (WPTUC), an IndustriALL affiliate, are protesting in three of auto manufacturer’s Ashok Leyland’s units over the company’s excessive use of contract workers and unfair labour practices.

Fiber producer SASA must respect workers’ rights

7 February, 2023A large polyester, fiber and polymers producer in Turkey is urged to fulfil its obligations for workers’ rights in line international norms and standards.

Calls for justice for slain Eswatini human rights defender

3 February, 2023On 3 February, South African unions from the Congress of South African Trade Unions and civil society organizations campaigning for democratic reforms picketed at the Eswatini Embassy in Johannesburg to call for justice and for an independent investigation following the assassination of Thulani Maseko, a human rights and social justice lawyer.

Union leader arrested in Tunisia must be released immediately

2 February, 2023In the morning of 1 February, Anis Kaabi, general secretary of Tunisia’s Highway workers union, was arrested after striking for better working conditions.