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IndustriALL Global Union embraces Africa’s Mining Vision 2050

9 May, 2014One of IndustriALL’s strategic goals is to influence governments and business on sustainable industrial policy. This was taken a step further when the global union was invited to participate at a two-day constituency building workshop on the African Mining Vision.

Energy Unions lay out roadmap “Towards Sustainable, Social and Safe Energy Policies”

12 April, 2014Attending IndustriALL Global Union’s World Conference for the Energy Industries, some 250 union leaders from 45 countries adopted an ambitious and vibrant plan of action for the next four years reinforcing unity and fighting back against similar anti-worker tactics throughout the world.

Affiliates emphasise importance of a union voice in industrial development

13 February, 2014IndustriALL is forging ahead with its strategic goal of influencing governments and business on sustainable industrial policy. In line with its Action Plan objectives of promoting strong industrial policies and ensuring that workers have a say in the future direction of their industries, IndustriALL has conducted a series of regional consultations with affiliates.

IndustriALL Global Union signs two new Global Framework Agreements

13 December, 2013During the course of two days IndustriALL Global Union signed as many Global Framework Agreements (GFAs) with leading companies in the pulp and paper industry; SCA in Sweden and Norske Skog in Norway.

IndustriALL launches second issue of “Global Worker”

5 December, 2013The second issue of IndustriALL Global Union’s journal, “Global Worker”, was launched this week at the 4-5 December IndustriALL Executive Committee meeting in Geneva. Sign up to receive copies of the journal or view online.

INTERVIEW: Marcio Pochmann

28 November, 2013In a world of precarious work and increased outsourcing, industrial policies are a way of protecting workers and their rights. According to Marcio Pochmann, economist, researcher and professor at UNICAMP (Campinas University) and president of the Instituto de Investigación Económica Aplicada

Shipbuilding and shipbreaking unions will focus on organizing Precarious Workers

20 November, 2013At IndustriALL Global Union’s Shipbuilding-shipbreaking Action group meeting on 12-14 November in Denmark, unions prioritized their activities on organizing and fighting precarious work and will start mapping Multinational Coorporation’s (MNC) in order to the possibilities of creating new trade union networks.

Materials unions intensify global solidarity

18 November, 2013Around 80 union delegates of 18 countries from all continents representing glass, cement and ceramics workers attended IndustriALL’s World Conference for the Materials Industries in Bangkok, Thailand on 12-13 November to discuss a wide range issues.

Regional commitment to sustainable industrial policy grows

16 October, 2013Following the discussion in Sub-Saharan Africa earlier this year, affiliates in South Asia and Latin America have met to develop their action plans to promote sustainable industrial policy.

IndustriALL Executive launches action on sustainable industrial policy

30 May, 2013IndustriALL Global Union’s Executive Committee on 29 May commits to a comprehensive action plan on sustainable industrial policy. The Committee also affiliates the first new independent union from Egypt.