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Health & safety

26 April, 2022Health and safety must be a fundamental principle and right at work. Health and safety at work is neither a perk to be bargained for nor a favour to be asked. It is our right. No wage is worth our health or our life, and no remedy can be granted by an arbitrator that will restore our health or our life, once it is lost.

Events calendar 2022

1 January, 2022Virtual meeting at Industr

Disinvest from Myanmar

13 July, 2022The situation for workers in Myanmar has drastically deteriorated since the military coup in February 2021. Most unions are banned, and many workers who were once protected by collective agreements have been fired and replaced by casual workers with no rights. 

IndustriALL Charter of Solidarity

21 September, 2017IndustriALL Global Union’s Charter of Solidarity in Confronting Corporate Violations of Fundamental Rights 

Overview of Links to Useful HIV/AIDS Related Websites

20 December, 2012The links below are only a small selection of the wide range of websites of organizations which are engaged in the fight against the pandemic.


12 March, 2019Type your title hereType your captionYadda yadda

Middle East and North Africa

8 March, 2019Middle East and North AfricaAhmed KamelRegional Secretary for Middle East and North AfricaTel: +4915773263709Tel: +201091234717

Union Win!

25 October, 2019When we fight back, we can win. Let's celebrate and learn from our victories.

South East Asia

11 March, 2019South East Asia officeAdd


1 November, 2016Version as adopted by the IndustriALL Congress on 14 September 2021