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Georgia’s new law is a setback for democratic values

28 May, 2024Although Georgian President Salomé Zourabisjvili vetoed a new controversial law limiting the democratic space in the country, the parliament has now pushed it through, triggering wide protests.

Bangladesh’s Employment Injury Scheme to include commuting accidents

27 May, 2024In a groundbreaking effort, the employment injury scheme, piloted in the readymade garment (RMG) sector in Bangladesh, will also include commuting accidents as part of industrial accidents eligible for compensation payout.

IndustriALL call on mining companies to sign global framework agreements

27 May, 2024The annual OECD Minerals Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains on 21-24 May took place against the background of the growing strategic role of critical minerals in the transition to a low carbon energy future, and concerns about the negative impacts associated with this transition for workers, communities, and the environment.

Rieter India workers on strike for a third time

27 May, 2024Members of Rieter India Employees’ Federation (RIEF) have been on strike for nearly sixty days. For over a year, the union has repeatedly raised concerns about the company’s unfair labour practices, like employing a large number of contract workers without proper training for permanent jobs, undermining the safety of all the workers.

Empowering women in Tunisia: a workshop on health and safety

24 May, 2024On 9-11 May, IndustriALL organized a workshop on occupational health and safety for the Tunisian women’s network. It is a step towards empowering Tunisian women in the textile, base metal and petrochemical sectors, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to advocate for their rights and safety in their respective industries.

IndustriALL and global brands sign legally-binding agreements supporting collective bargaining and improvements in wages

23 May, 2024In a breakthrough for the textile and garment industry in Cambodia, IndustriALL Global Union is signing legally binding agreements with global brands, for the first time achieving brand-supported collective bargaining agreements in the sector. 

IndustriALL women’s committee meeting calls for inclusivity

23 May, 2024Gender equality achievements, the impact of AI on women workers and strengthening young women’s participation and representation in IndustriALL were agenda items at IndustriALL’s women committee meeting in Geneva on 21 May. 

Sign for the right to strike

22 May, 2024The right to strike is under attack in many countries around the world. For the last 10 years it has also been under attack from the employers at the International Labour Organization (ILO), which sets global standards on labour rights.

Solidarity and challenges in the nuclear sector amidst Ukraine’s invasion

22 May, 2024In industriALL’s virtual International Nuclear Workers’ Unions’ Network (INWUN) meeting, affiliates came together to discuss developments and challenges in the sector. The main topic was the conflict in Ukraine where unions are faced with deteriorating working conditions amidst the ongoing struggle for safety due to the Russian invasion.

Spain: Saint-Gobain workers fight plant closure

22 May, 2024Workers at the Saint-Gobain SEKURIT plant in Avilés, Spain, launched a three-day strike on 20 May opposing the company's decision to cease windshield manufacturing operations at the facility. The negotiation process regarding the plant closure is set to conclude on 24 May, and the closure would mark the end of over 70 years of production that has significantly benefited the company.