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23 March, 2020In the past year, the pandemic brought on by Covid-19 has led to a public health, economic and employment crisis. Unions around the world have continued to defend workers' rights and promote social solidarity. This page provides updates of union responses to the crisis from around the world.

Action on Bangladesh

11 March, 2019On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza collapsed, killing 1,100 workers and injuring thousands more. Since then, more than 200 global brands and retailers have signed the historic the Accord on Fire and Building Safety and more than 1,500 factory inspections have been carried out. The Rana Plaza compensation fund, set up for the victims and their families, has finally reached its target of US$30 million.


11 March, 2019ALL WomenAll workers should enjoy equal rights. Yet female and young workers remain subject to discrimination resulting in many being denied their fundamental rights. IndustriALL fights their discrimination at work by promoting their fairer and stronger participation in trade unions.

ICT, electrical and electronics

11 March, 2019ICT, electrical and electronicsWork in the electrical and electronics sector deals with a wide range of companies producing consumer electronics, computer hardware, software and others. IndustriALL aims at developing trade union strategies for the sector and improving and strengthening the information exchange in transnational companies and supply chains.

Elected Officials

14 June, 2012Jörg HoffmanPresident

United for a just future - time to pay up!

6 September, 2022The world is experiencing growing inequality. Unless we take action, we risk losing the gains we have made over the past century. IndustriALL and its affiliates are taking coordinated global action to demand a better future.


11 March, 2019

Train the trainers toolkit: Violence and harassment in the world of work

25 June, 2021Train the Trainers Toolkit on the ILO Violence and Harassment Convention (No. 190) and Recommendation (No. 206)

Industry 4.0

10 February, 2020IndustriALL Global Union uses the term Industry 4.0 to describe a basket of disruptive technologies and work structures that are rapidly transforming the world of work.

Mechanical Engineering

11 March, 2019Mechanical EngineeringMechanical engineering is one of the oldest and broadest disciplines of engineering present in many areas. IndustriALL aims at bringing trade unions in these areas together to promote the exchange of information, develop common positions and strategies, and build union power.