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Italian metalworkers strike sends strong message to government

11 July, 2023Italian trade unions FIM-CISL, FIOM-CGIL and UILM held a national strike on 7 and 10 July, urging the government to take action to help the struggling manufacturing sector.

MADE in Myanmar Project - EU must stop supporting military junta’s rule

11 July, 2023IndustriALL Global Union and industriAll Europe are reiterating their call for the EU to withdraw support for the MADE in Myanmar project, which effectively funds Myanmar’s military junta, as well for the withdrawal preferential tariffs under the Generalised System of Preferences. EU citizens and public funds should not be used to benefit the military junta, nor should they be associated with an EU-funded project where workers are threatened, dismissed or arrested without cause. Read the full statement.

US workers strike for green jobs

10 July, 2023The picket lines around the Wabtec facility in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, continue to be strong as the strike enters its third week. 1,400 workers at the facility which manufactures locomotive engines, are striking for green jobs.

South African workers march against socio-economic crisis

7 July, 2023South African workers fed up with corruption, crime, high levels of unemployment, rising inflation and gender-based violence downed tools yesterday in a national day of action on 6 July.  

Bangladesh is one of the world’s worst countries for workers

5 July, 2023The recently published ITUC Global Rights Index 2023, which ranks countries based on the status of workers’ rights, reveals a grim picture of the situation for workers in South Asian countries. While Nepal and Sri Lanka witness regular and systematic violations of workers’ rights respectively, Bangladesh has been ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for workers.

The Nordic model under attack in Finland

5 July, 2023Following the elections in April this year, conservative leader Petteri Orpo has formed a new right-wing coalition government, including the far-right populist True Finns party. The new government has outlined a plan that runs completely counter to the objectives of the trade union movement. If implemented, it will take Finland further away from the consensus-based social policies of the other Nordic countries. 

Gunmen murder union leaders and workers in Honduras

5 July, 2023A group of gunmen murdered thirteen people in Honduras, including four union leaders and several workers from the Gildan plant in San Miguel. IndustriALL has strongly condemned the killings and has called for justice to be done without delay.

Ghanaian unions to strike against union bashing at Sunon Asogli Power

4 July, 2023The Trades Union Congress (TUC) Ghana, a federation to which 23 unions are affiliated is calling for a national strike on 10 July to protest union bashing after three union leaders were unfairly dismissed at Sunon Asogli Power Ghana Limited in March. 

South African union wins wage increases for leather workers

4 July, 2023To reinforce the Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union’s (SACTWU) endless campaign for improving workers’ lives, the union’s leather negotiating team recently won above inflation wage increases in the general goods and handbags and footwear sectors.

Georgian miners' win

3 July, 2023An 18-day industrial action in Georgia's mining sector in the town of Chiatura has ended with important achievements as the employer agreed to the workers’ key demands, one of which was a twelve per cent salary increase in line with inflation in the country.