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23 February, 2024

Beyond the sparkle: advancing workers' rights in the diamond sector

23 February, 2024Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Lesotho Highlands in the Butha Buthe District, home to the country's diamond mines, IndustriALL Global Union’s Global Diamond Network convened on 20-21 February to strategize on promoting decent work within the diamond industry.

Solidarity still strong with Ukraine

22 February, 2024Today, in a moving gathering, Ukrainian trade unions and international allies commemorated almost two years since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, an event that has drastically reshaped lives, economies, and Ukrainian society. The meeting, titled "Ukrainian trade unions: two years in wartime – challenges, priorities, and further support," brought together voices from across sectors, shedding light on the resilience and struggles of workers on the front lines of this conflict.

Mass demonstration at Liberty Steel calls for urgent support amid crisis

22 February, 2024In a display of solidarity and determination, IndustriAll European Trade Union and IndustriALL Global Union marched alongside steelworkers at the Liberty Steel's Ostrava plant in the Czech Republic on 22 February, a mass rally organized by IndustriALL affiliate OS KOVO. This was not just a protest but a powerful statement against the ongoing crisis in the European steel industry, embodied by the dire situation at Liberty Steel.

Reviving IndustriALL Cambodia women’s committee

22 February, 2024On 20 February, the IndustriALL Cambodia womens’ committee announced plans to boost their efforts to fight for women's rights now that the Covid-19 pandemic is winding down.

Union busting at Turkish auto glass company

21 February, 2024When employees at the Olimpia Auto Glass facilities in Gebze and Ankara exercised their fundamental right to unionize, the employer retaliated by dismissing 45 of these workers. 

IndustriALL joins forces with the Global Coalition for Social Justice

20 February, 2024To reinforce global efforts towards social justice and workers' rights, IndustriALL Global Union has joined the Global Coalition for Social Justice, led by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

India: factory fire kills eleven people

19 February, 2024A massive fire at an illegal paint factory in Delhi, India, killed eleven people and severely injured several others on 15 February.

India: workers’ strike ahead of upcoming general elections

16 February, 2024Today millions of workers in India went on strike to highlight real issues of working people ahead of the country’s upcoming general elections this year. Main demands of trade union organisations include withdrawal of the four labour codes, fixing the minimum wage at INR26,000 (US$313), withdrawal of the proposal to privatise public sector enterprises, including the Vishakhapatnam Steel Plant, and restoration of the old pension scheme for organised and unorganised workforces. 

Philippine unions call for thorough investigation of deadly landslide

16 February, 2024Philippine trade unions are urging the Philippine government to thoroughly investigate the tragic landslide earlier this month that took the lives of 92 miners and villagers in the Southern Philippines. The government’s rescue team is still searching for 36 missing people.