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Just Transition

28 July, 2022Just Transition builds a fair and equitable pathway to a sustainable future.


18 June, 2012 Titular MemberCountrySubstitute MemberCountry1KRUSCHEL JennyAUSTRALIAMAHER AnthonyAUSTRALIA2

Overview of Links to Useful HIV/AIDS Related Websites

20 December, 2012The links below are only a small selection of the wide range of websites of organizations which are engaged in the fight against the pandemic.


1 November, 2016Version as adopted by the IndustriALL Congress on 14 September 2021

Chemical, pharmaceutical and bio-science

8 March, 2019Chemical, pharmaceutical and bio-scienceIndustriALL Global Union has a wide range of activities in the chemical pharmaceutical & bioscience sectors, including global framework agreements, global and regional company-level and sub-sectoral networks and various social dialogue drives. There are also initiatives with intergovernmental organizations on labour-related matters, sustainable development, industrial policy and health & safety issues.


11 March, 2019RubberThe global tyre and rubber sector, like many others, is concentrated in the hands of a few main players. Their presence influenced by the global economic crisis and increasing pricing pressure from automobile manufacturers requires a strong union response to protect workers' interests.


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White-collar workers

3 June, 2019 White-collar worker:A white-collar worker is someone whose work is involved primarily in obtaining, handling, using, manipulating, analyzing and distributing information and knowledge as opposed to goods or products – even if they touch the good or product at times


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Shell campaign

11 March, 2019IndustriALL is calling on Shell to engage with unions on a global level in a campaign to limit precarious work, improve health and safety, and ensure that Shell applies the same high-level standards at its operations everywhere, including suppliers.