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Events calendar 2021

8 January, 2021Zoom meeting at IndustriAL

Regional offices

8 April, 2019Sub-Saharan Africa officeJohannesburg, South Africa

South Asia

8 March, 2019South Asia office16-D, Atma Ram HouseNo.1, Tolstoy Marg,New Delhi – 110 001INDIATel Nos.: 00-91-11 415 62 566, 00-91-11 435 41 479, 00-91-11 233 17 124Fax No. 00-91-1123317125Apoorva KaiwarM. Balasubramaniyan (Balu)Kuldeep Singh DhanaiManicandan GopalakrishnanS M Fahimuddin PashaSanjay Kumar PandeyPraveen RaoThilagam RamalingamAshutosh Bhattacharya

Latin America and the Caribbean

11 March, 2019Latin America and the Caribbean officeAddress:

Mining and DGOJP

11 March, 2019Mining, diamond, gem, ornament and jewellery processing.

Union building

11 March, 2019The five strategic goals adopted by congress guide all work done by IndustriALL.Projects substantially increase our capacity to achieve our goals. A project is a contract between a trade union solidarity support organization and IndustriALL, where the support organization accepts to fund work we do in the regions according to specific objectives and indicators.

Event calendar 2023

10 February, 2023Virtual meeting at Industr

Organizing with industriALL

16 January, 2023Because workers are stronger together!


15 February, 2022

Gender, equality, diversity and inclusion (GEDI)

18 January, 2024GEDI at IndustriALL is our commitment to promoting an inclusive and equitable environment as well as equality of opportunities and outcomes for all workers.