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Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus

11 March, 2019Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus officeAddress:Leninskiy prospect 42, bldg. 5, office 58-35

Chemical, pharmaceutical and bio-science

8 March, 2019Chemical, pharmaceutical and bio-scienceIndustriALL Global Union has a wide range of activities in the chemical pharmaceutical & bioscience sectors, including global framework agreements, global and regional company-level and sub-sectoral networks and various social dialogue drives. There are also initiatives with intergovernmental organizations on labour-related matters, sustainable development, industrial policy and health & safety issues.


11 March, 2019RubberThe global tyre and rubber sector, like many others, is concentrated in the hands of a few main players. Their presence influenced by the global economic crisis and increasing pricing pressure from automobile manufacturers requires a strong union response to protect workers' interests.


18 June, 2012 Titular MemberCountrySubstituteCountry1GRAHAM SharonUKDUBBINS Simon

Shell campaign

11 March, 2019IndustriALL is calling on Shell to engage with unions on a global level in a campaign to limit precarious work, improve health and safety, and ensure that Shell applies the same high-level standards at its operations everywhere, including suppliers.

STOP Precarious Work

11 March, 2019Unions are pushing against this tide by organizing precarious workers, fighting laws that expand precarious work and mobilizing in support of secure employment with good pay and working conditions.What is precarious work?Casual, temporary, indirect, zero-hours contracts, are all terms that describe precarious work. This type of work is increasingly being used to replace direct, permanent jobs, allowing employers to reduce or even abandon their responsibility to workers.  Read more

White-collar workers

3 June, 2019 White-collar worker:A white-collar worker is someone whose work is involved primarily in obtaining, handling, using, manipulating, analyzing and distributing information and knowledge as opposed to goods or products – even if they touch the good or product at times


8 March, 2019AutomotiveThe automotive sector, jointly with affiliates, focuses on building global networks of workers and unions and aims at engaging automotive companies and their suppliers to protect the interests of workers in the sector. Union strategies are built through facilitation of exchange of information on sector trends and developments.


11 March, 2019Please contact IndustriALL's press department for more information on anything published on this website, or for interview [email protected]

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