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Workers in Argentina face lay-offs

8 February, 2016Workers in both the public and private sectors in Argentina are facing lay-offs and dismissals. IndustriALL Global Union rejects these measures and urges President Mauricio Macri’s government to promote social dialogue and respect workers’ rights.

Argentina textile unions unite to campaign against precarious work

24 August, 2015Five textile industry unions affiliated to IndustriALL Global Union have agreed to join forces to campaign against precarious work in the sector, following a meeting in Buenos Aires on 11 August. 

IndustriALL in solidarity with Arauco workers in Argentina

13 August, 2015Following dismissals and arrests at the hands of Arauco Argentina, workers from the SOEP trade union are demanding the reinstatement of their colleagues and better working conditions. IndustriALL Global Union supports the fight for their rights. 

IndustriALL condemns ‘debt vultures’ preying on Argentine economy

7 July, 2014IndustriALL Global Union has condemned the ruthless profit strategy of so-called ‘vulture funds’ that are undermining the economy of Argentina and eroding the principles of sovereignty and democracy in the process.

Unions back the auto agreement between Argentina and Brazil

20 June, 2014The agreement with Brazil will allow Argentina to help resolve the crisis in the auto industry. Unions affiliated to the CGT believe the agreement will boost the sector and create jobs.

IndustriALL affiliates continue their struggle to STOP precarious work

18 December, 20132013 is coming to an end. During this year IndustriALL affiliates have taken major actions to defend their labour rights and the rights of the precarious workers working alongside them.

Argentina: metalworking supervisors on state of alert

10 July, 2013The Asociación de Supervisores de la Industria Metalmecánica (ASIMRA), affiliated to IndustriALL, has put its members on a state of alert in response to the employers’ refusal to discuss changes to the job classification categories set out in the current collective agreement.

Textiles is the sector most threatened by precarious work in Argentina

23 May, 2013A well-attended workshop for Argentinean affiliates on precarious work was held on 17 May. It examined the situation of workers in various industrial sectors.

Argentina Tyre Union SUTNA eliminates precarious work

16 May, 2013On May 17, IndustriALL Argentine affiliates will meet to discuss the fight against precarious work. The Argentinian Pneumatic Workers Union (SUTNA), which has made this struggle a priority, is a model. Today, thanks to SUTNA, precarious workers represent less than 1 per cent of the tyre production workforce, down from 15 per cent in 2008.

Argentinian unions mobilize to mark Mexico days of action

28 February, 2013Unions of IndustriALL Global Union’s affiliate council in Argentina demonstrated on 22 February at the Mexican Embassy in Buenos Aires.