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Warning strikes at BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto mine in Chile

25 September, 2014Workers at the Escondida mine and its port, Coloso, in Chile, went on strike at 8am on 22 September after members of Union Number 1 voted to stop work in response to the constant violations of Chilean law by the mine’s multinational owners, BHP Billiton and Río Tinto and the Chilean authorities’ failure to make the companies comply with the country’s legislation.

BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto workers in Chile on 24 hour strikes

24 September, 2014Workers at Escondida, the world’s biggest copper mine, stopped work on 22 and 24 September in support of demands for improved working conditions.

We will not work in these conditions!

30 June, 2014Workers at the ASENAV shipyards in Chile have voted to go on strike after the company only offered a 3.8% pay rise in stages. The union has taken action throughout the month, publicising the workers’ demands for better working conditions.

New national industrial union takes shape in Chile

3 December, 2013At the eighth national conference of the Chilean metalworkers’ confederation (CONSTRAMET) on 21-23 November, delegates made progress in discussions on the organization of a new national industrial union. This was a significant step forward in the task of creating a union that will negotiate at sector level and cover all manufacturing and extractive industries where Industriall represents workers at the global level.

Chile Actions

9 October, 2013IndustriALL Global Union affiliate Constramet supported the strike of Call Center workers employed by the company, Outside. The precarious workers, were asking for improved working conditions.

Miners strike at CODELCO in Chile

12 September, 2013The Copper Workers’ Federation (FTC), affiliated to IndustriALL, has given its full backing to workers at the El Salvador Division of CODELCO Chile, who are on a legal strike to safeguard the division’s future.

Chilean unions in pulp and paper sector achieve historic unity

4 July, 2013At a meeting of the Mercosur Pulp & Paper project, held in Chile on 21-22 June, workers in the timber, paper and cellulose sector in Chile took an important step towards trade union unity by creating a new confederation, the Confederación de Trabajadores de la Madera, Papel, Celulosa y afines de Chile.

Subcontracting in Chilean industry

24 April, 201371 per cent of Codelco employees and 65 per cent of Anglo American employees are contract workers. In the chemical sector, 62 per cent of SQM workers are contract workers. This data, included in a new IndustriALL report on subcontracting in Chile, reflects the extent of subcontracting in Chilean industry

Chilean public and private sector miners unite in national strike

10 April, 2013The Federación de Trabajadores del Cobre (FTC) and the Federación Minera de Chile (FMC), which together represent more than 25,000 workers at the state-owned copper company CODELCO and private sector mining companies, held a national strike on Tuesday 9 April.

Chilean copper workers' dispute worsens

4 April, 2013The death of a CODELCO worker, Nelson Barría, on Wednesday 27 March, caused by a landslide at the Radomiro Tomic opencast mine, has aggravated the dispute between workers and the state-owned mining company.