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Union busting at Turkish auto glass company

21 February, 2024When employees at the Olimpia Auto Glass facilities in Gebze and Ankara exercised their fundamental right to unionize, the employer retaliated by dismissing 45 of these workers. 

Turkish miners missing after landslide

15 February, 2024Nine mine workers are still missing after a cyanide-laced landslide swept across a valley in İliç, Erzincan, running into an open pit and crashing into a road where mineworkers were travelling by vehicle.

Union win for Turkish metalworkers amid record inflation

18 January, 2024After months of determined industrial action, Turkish metalworkers have achieved a significant victory during sector-level collective bargaining negotiations. Amidst the nation's economic challenges, including soaring inflation rates, and despite robust profits and record-breaking revenues within the metal sector, workers carried out warning strikes, mobilizations, and various actions.

Just Transition in Turkey still has a long way to go

2 November, 2023EU policies are starting to force Turkey to develop climate strategies, but green and socially responsible industrial policies are not yet emerging, and a lack of social dialogue means that workers and their unions are not best placed to shape the transition.

Bekaert İzmit Steel Kord workers defy repression

6 October, 2023IndustriALL Global Union and IndustriAll Europe stand shoulder to shoulder with the workers and their union at the Bekaert İzmit Steel Kord factory in Turkey, who are facing fierce repression for legitimately demanding wage increases to compensate for high inflation.

How will due diligence legislation impact trade union rights?

13 September, 2023IndustriALL Global and IndustriAll Europe in collaboration with, IG Metall, and the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung, hosted a two-day conference in Istanbul, Turkey. The event, served as a platform for experts, union leaders, and stakeholders to examine the implications of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and its significance for Turkish workers, specifically within the automotive sector supply chain.

Turkish workers dismissed after wage increase demand

30 March, 2023Members of Birleşik Metal-İş at auto-supplier company, Mata Otomotiv, were dismissed by their employer as response to their legitimate demands of a wage increase.

Concerns over workers' rights violations at POSCO Assan in Turkey

2 March, 2023IndustriALL Global and IndustriALL Europe  present evidence and set out a case against steel company POSCO Assan’s claims to the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC).

Aggressive anti-union tactics intensify at textile plant in Turkey

21 February, 2023After workers at Barutçu Tekstil joined their local union, they were dismissed. In response, the nine dismissed women started picketing in front of the factory. Over 100 days later, some of the dismissed workers and union officials got ammonia poisoning while demonstrating in front of the plant.

Call for solidarity with unions in Turkey

10 February, 2023The devastating earthquakes on 6 February have left at least 21,000 dead and the death toll continues to increase as thousands of people remain trapped under collapsed buildings. Tens of thousands are wounded and millions of people are left homeless.