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REPORT: Energy crisis – an opportunity for unions to achieve a Just Transition for workers sooner?

15 November, 2022ReportFrom Global Workerno 2 November 2022

ARTÍCULO DE FONDO: La crisis de salarios bajos empobrece a los trabajadores/as en los sectores textil y de la confección de Asia y África

14 November, 2022Tras la crisis de los últimos tres años debido al Covid-19, en todo el mundo sigue la incertidumbre para millones de trabajadores y trabajadoras, ya que la clase trabajadora se encuentra en medio de una crisis por el bajo nivel de los salarios. En el hemisferio sur, la situación es muy grave para los trabajadores/as en los sectores del textil, cuero, calzado y de la confección, que laboran en condiciones precarias y donde los sueldos se han estancado, desvalorizándose cada vez más su valor real.

PROFILE: Ukrainian union works throughout the war

14 November, 2022Collective agreements, sector stability, wage increases, and good social benefits are some of the rights that Ukrainian nuclear workers were enjoying before it all went up in smoke. 

SPECIAL REPORT – safeguarding workers’ rights along the supply chain

14 November, 2022The debate on human rights due diligence is gaining momentum on both national and international levels. Why now? 

PROFILE: Mexico's Los Mineros mark 88 years of union struggle

14 November, 2022The National Union of Mine, Metal, Steel and Allied Workers of the Mexican Republic, Los Mineros, marks 88 years of fighting for labour justice, democracy and freedom of association.

INTERVIEW: Swasthika Arulingam

14 November, 2022IndustriALL's Kalyani Badola interviews Swasthika Arulingamrecently elected president of the Commercial and Industrial Workers Union (CIWU)

Trade unions strategize for week two of COP27

14 November, 2022The COP27 convention centre may be closed this Sunday, but after a demonstration inside the coference venue on Saturday, unions in Sharm El Sheikh are strategizing to “ensure that our voice is heard” and that the term Just Transition doesn’t get diluted in negotiations

Solidarity visit to Alang shipbreaking yards

11 November, 2022A global delegation of shipbuilding and shipbreaking unions visited the Alang shipyards in Gujarat, India, and the downstream industries in the ship recycling ecosystem, as part of IndustriALL Global Union’s campaign to clean up shipbreaking.

COP27 must deliver on a Just Transition for all

10 November, 2022Only four days into COP27 and it is hard to turn a corner without hearing or seeing the words Just Transition. Trade unions at COP27 are very clear that this term coined by our movement is not to be used by governments and employers if they plan a transition without workers at the table.

Madagascar garment workers formulate strategies to confront gender-based violence and harassment

10 November, 2022Inspired by training on the International Labour Organization Convention 190 to eliminate violence and harassment in the world of work facilitated by IndustriALL Global Union, the workers in Madagascar’s textile and garment industries are devising ways to deal with gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) in their factories.