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Unions from across the globe call for an end to irresponsible management at GFG Alliance/Liberty Steel

6 February, 2024Following a crisis meeting with GFG Alliance / Liberty Steel trade unions from across the globe, industriAll Europe and IndustriALL Global Union – both representing millions of workers in mining, energy and manufacturing industries in Europe and worldwide – are calling for an end to Mr Gupta’s irresponsible management which is putting Europe’s strategic steel production at risk.

Court rules in favour of Indian contract steel workers

6 February, 2024In January, an Indian court ruled in favour of 650 precarious workers employed at Bokaro Power Supply Company when it endorsed the decision of the industrial tribunal granting the payment of attendance allowance from October 2009 onwards.

Belarus: Union leader released from jail

4 February, 2024Political prisoner Zinaida Mikhniuk, activist and former chairperson of IndustriALL affiliate Radio and Electronics Industry Workers Union REP, has been released from jail after serving a two-years sentence for "insulting Lukashenka”.

Global unions call on EU to withdraw EBA and the MADE in Myanmar programme

1 February, 2024On the third anniversary of the military coup in Myanmar, global unions call on the EU to reevaluate its policies towards Myanmar, as human rights abuse is rife in the country. The military regime has killed more than 4,000 people, arrested almost 26,000, and suspended civil society organisations, including free trade unions.

Global Unions Call for Unified Action Following ICJ Ruling on Gaza Genocide Case

31 January, 2024The Global Unions signatory below note the International Court of Justice (ICJ) Order issued in the case filed by South Africa against Israel regarding the application of the Genocide Convention in the Gaza Strip, which demonstrates the vital importance of the international rule of law and effective enforcement.

Unions raise concerns over migrant workers in Israel

30 January, 2024Trade unions in South Asia raised concerns over migration of precarious workers to Israel as the war in Palestine continues.

Deliver the social agreement: for a Just Transition for the Polish coalfield now!

29 January, 2024As Polish ministers and the European Commission are set to meet in the coming days, the ITUC, IndustriALL Global Union, ETUC and industriAll European Trade Union call on decision-makers to ensure the full implementation of the Social Plan in the Polish hard coal mining sector, signed in May 2021, between the Polish government, representatives of local government, the hard coal mining companies and Polish trade unions.

Argentina’s unions strike against Milei's economic reforms

29 January, 2024IndustriALL affiliates in Argentina held a general strike on 24 January in protest of the economic reforms proposed by far-right president Javier Milei. Unions worldwide supported the strike and called for solidarity.

Kazakhstan must respect workers’ right to strike

29 January, 2024Around 500 workers in Kazakhstan’s oil industry have been on strike since December last year. They now face dismissals, interrogation and intimidation.

Deplorable working conditions at textile and garment factories in South Africa

25 January, 2024In December last year labour inspectors from the department of employment and labour visited textile and garment factories in Mandeni in KwaZulu Natal Province, about 80 km from Durban, and were shocked by the deplorable working conditions that they witnessed.