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Israel: union pressure prompts suspension of proposed legislation

31 March, 2023On 27 March, IndustriALL affiliate Histadrut, which is the largest trade union organization in the country, called for a general strike to stop new proposed legislation, which plans to overhaul the judiciary system. 

Attack on workers’ rights in India

30 March, 2023In a cabinet meeting on 17 March, the Maharashtra state government approved rules drafted under the anti-worker Industrial Relations Code passed by the Indian government in 2020.

USW members strike at Continental Cement

27 February, 2023On 22 February about 100 members from the United Steelworkers (USW), an IndustriALL Global Union affiliate, went on strike protesting unfair labour practices.

Unions take part in national strike against Peru’s government

21 February, 2023IndustriALL Global Union’s affiliates in Peru have taken part in a fresh national strike against Dina Boluarte’s government. They called for her and members of Congress to resign, and for elections to be called. 

The right to strike protects workers

20 February, 2023The right to strike is an essential part of freedom of association. While it’s a last resort, without it, workers and unions lack the power to defend their positions against the economic and political power of employers. The right to strike is under attack in many countries and trade unions are fighting back. 

Unions condemn anti-strike laws in Zimbabwe

1 February, 2023Trade unions in Zimbabwe are raising serious objections to recently passed laws that violate trade union rights.

Rieter India workers on strike

30 January, 2023Over 350 workers at Rieter India Ltd. have been on strike since 21 January, after management refused to address the union’s concerns about unfair labour practices.

French unions keep fighting pension reforms

24 January, 2023More than one million people took to the streets in France on 19 January to protest the government’s pension reform, which includes raising the pension age from 62 to 64. French unions are calling for a second day of strikes on 31 January unless the proposal is withdrawn. 

Striking workers in Turkey achieve 84 per cent wage increase

11 January, 2023After striking for 18 days, workers at Bekaert in Izmit, Turkey, have achieved an astounding 84 per cent pay rise.

Solidarity with Bekaert workers in Turkey

22 December, 2022European works council representatives, IndustriALL Global Union and industriAll Europe attended a solidarity event and press conference with Bekaert workers in Turkey which was organized by joint affiliate Birleşik Metal İş. The workers are on strike and an illegal ban has been placed on the strike. Solidarity messages were also expressed online by workers’ representatives from Belgium, France, Slovakia, Spain and the United Kingdom.