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Seven workers killed at Grupo Modelo plant in Mexico

10 April, 2013On Sunday 7 April, a group of employees of the Mexican brewery, Grupo Modelo, realized that seven workers had not clocked out. They went to the area where they had been working and found their colleagues dead in a 15 to 20 m deep tank.

The company and the Federal District prosecutor's office are investigating the deaths of the workers at the brewery. They were carrying out cleaning and maintenance duties in the tank.

The company's general manager, Francisco Javier López Bravo, issued a communiqué on the same day confirming the deaths.

According to statements by family members of the victims, published in the national media, some of the workers were employed directly by Grupo Modelo and the others were working for a subcontractor company called Sola. They said the company was negligent and that some workers had complained that the team worked in precarious conditions.

IndustriALL regrets the loss of life of the Mexican workers and demands a rigorous investigation into the cause of the accident and payment of fair compensation to the families.