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ST Microelectronics trade union network demands global dialogue

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24 May, 2018The STMicroelectronics trade union network has said that workers should benefit from the strong growth of the company. The network demands the resolution of social issues in the company’s operations, and global dialogue to secure sustainable jobs and global framework agreement.

The STMicroelectronics trade union network was established in 2016, and represents ST workers from France, Italy, Malaysia, Malta and Morocco, as part of IndustriALL Global Union. The purpose of the network is to unite STMicroelectronics trade unions around the world to increase collective power and engage with the company at the global level.

STMicroelectronics is a multinational which employs more than 45,000 worldwide. Because the company operates globally, STMicroelectronics needs to upgrade its social responsibility policy and ensure its effective implementation. The company should also work together with trade unions around the world to achieve sustainable labour-management relations and contribute to a positive public image.

A new CEO of the company will be appointed on 31 May. Therefore, the network today released the following statement:

"The nomination of a new CEO for STMicroelectronics should be an opportunity to define a new development strategy for STMicroelectronics. Means exist to that end: the strong growth of the semiconductor market has enabled STMicroelectronics to experience strong growth of its sales and its profitability, with a net income of $802M (up $165M from 2016). These resources must be used to realise industrial investments, support job creation and ensure a social return for the workers. 

“The ongoing discussions we have between ST trade unions highlight that, across every site, there are several important social issues. There is a great need to improve and reinforce the social dialogue within the company. It is necessary that the new global management of ST negotiate a global framework agreement with the international trade union network to ensure a common base of fundamental rights for all STMicroelectronics workers and to set up a global works council."