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Support Iraqi oil workers struggling for union rights - sign up to the LabourStart campaign

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16 June, 2012IndustriALL Global Union members can show solidarity with oil workers in Iraq who continue to organise for their rights despite the continuing use against them of a vicious anti-trade union law, held over from the Saddam-era.


Now the government has turned up the attacks on Iraqi oil workers - fining activists, demoting activists and relocating union officials so they can't represent workers. 

We need you now to join the LabourStart campaign  condemning the continued repression of oil worker trade unions.

Call for a proper labour law that brings the country in line with international standards.

Get your members to help by joining thousands sending messages to the Iraqi government - click here to join the LabourStart campaign. Promote this on your website. Get more information on the LabourStart campaign page.