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Tchibo and IndustriALL continue to build industrial relations in the supply chain

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15 April, 2019The global framework agreement (GFA) between IndustriALL and the German retailer, Tchibo was signed in September 2016, and the parties continue to work towards effective implementation.

The parties met in Hamburg, Germany at the beginning of April to review the work of the last two years and to develop plans for 2019 and 2020.  Participants from India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Turkey and Myanmar attended the two-day workshop.

GFAs are negotiated at the global level between trade unions and companies. They establish the best possible standards on trade union rights, on health and safety, and on the labour relations principles adhered to by the company in its global operations, regardless of the standards existing in a particular country. For the agreement to be effective, national plans need to be developed between IndustriALL and its national affiliates, and Tchibo.

“IndustriALL national affiliates in production countries need to ensure that the GFAs are respected in the brands’ supply chain and the development of joint country plans between trade unions, brands and their suppliers are essential,”

added textile and garment director Christina Hajagos-Clausen.

Plans range from setting up Tchibo supplier meetings to raise awareness of the agreement to build capacity for factory trade union leaders and management to working on a series of freedom of association commitments. Further, participants shared struggles and successes since the signing of the agreement – for example the recently organized Tchibo supplier, Beks in Turkey.