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Tenaris claims low production to fire workers

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27 September, 2012Tenaris claims that there is low production in order to justify firing workers with high seniority and suffering illnesses.

On 21 September Tenaris fired Jose Luis Ruiz, Jessica Moscote and Alfredo Pájaro Cerda without just reason (this is allowed under Colombian labour law), they all had more than 10 years of service.  On 24 September Tenaris fired Amauri Cardona and Jorge Muñoz, Amauri had problems with his hands due to the work he performs and Jorge, a supervisor had recently joined the union.

On 25 September Tenaris fired: Oulin Teheran, José Correa and Elkin Dias, Elkin had more than 20 years of seniority and is ill. Tenaris did not call on the union to discuss the situation and failed to negotiate a solution.

Tenaris used the argument of "lack of production" to justify the firing of it’s senior workers, unionized workers and, in some cases workers suffering from illness due to their work.

Colombian law does not protect workers and large multinational companies take advantage of those laws in force, in order to avoid recognizing the contribution that workers have given for many years to support the progress of the company and enrich its owners. Tenaris calls for “growing together” with its employees. Tenaris is lying and the proof is in the pudding.