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Thai workers demand to increase minimum wage

20 August, 2019Some 20 union activists of the Chemical Workers Union Alliance (CWUA), an IndustriALL Thai affiliate, marched outside the government house demanding an increase of national daily minimum wage to 425 THB (US$14) and an increase of monthly social benefit for aging people to 3000 THB (US$97).

The union activists reminded that the 425 THB increase of national daily minimum wage was promised by the government party ‘Palang Pracharat’ during the general elections campaign and now that the party is leading the new government it should live up to their commitment and promise given to the working people.

“Wage increase is key to improve the living standards of workers, it contributes to a fairer income distribution and reduces income gap,” said Kampong Kampitoon, CWUA president.  

Prior to the general elections, the government party had made a strong policy to overcome the country’s ‘middle income trap’ by committing to national wage increase as the first step.

At the same time, Thailand is an aging society with increasing number of people approaching 60-year-old age. Currently there are at least 3 million people in Thailand who are categorized as aging poor and their lives depend on ‘old age monthly social benefit’.

“The rate of 600 THB (US$ 19) per month the government is providing is far too low and unrealistic for an old age person to cover basic needs. As a result, the old ages whose lives depend on this monthly social benefit have poor and undignified living standards,”

said Boonmee Wandee, a retired factory worker who has just turned 70.

CWUA’s statement reads:

“The government should halt all purchases of arms and weapons which do not generate any economic benefit for the people; these purchases are the causes of corruptions. Military generals and officers who hold more than one position and receive more than one salary should be removed to save up the country’s budget and increase social benefits for the people including old age benefit of 3000 THB. Such initiative will significantly improve living standards of the people and contribute to the country’s economic growth.”