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Thai workers dismissed over union activities

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8 January, 2020A few days after workers at Mizuno Plastic in Thailand established a union, 33 of them were fired.

Just a few days after the Mizuno Plastic Workers Union was founded in December last year, management cited a loss of profit and announced a redundancy plan. 32 of the 33 dismissed workers had been involved in forming the union.
Together with some colleagues, the dismissed workers have been picketing in front of the company since 9 December 2019.

“Mizuno Plastic is clearly violating Thai labour law. Union representatives cannot be dismissed without the consent of the labour court,”

says Prasit Prasopsuk, president of the Confederation of Industrial Labour of Thailand (CILT).

“We will assist union members in filing a complaint to the Labour Relations Committee.”

The workers met the Labour Relations Committee on 13 December.

“IndustriALL is strongly urging Mizuno Plastic to immediately reinstate the dismissed workers, stop union busting and respect the right to form a union, as guaranteed by the core labour conventions of the International Labour Organization,”

says Valter Sanches, IndustriALL general secretary.

“We hope Mizuno will address the legitimate demands of the workers and enter into a constructive dialogue to achieve a fair and just resolution.”

Mizuno Plastic has no relationship with Japanese sportswear brand Mizuno.