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ThyssenKrupp launches online violations reporting system

30 March, 2016As part of the Global Framework Agreement (GFA) signed with IndustriALL Global Union and IG Metall in March 2015, the German metal and engineering multinational, Thyssenkrupp, has launched a new system allowing labour-related violations and abuses to be reported online.

According to the agreement, the company undertook to comply with the principles of the International Labour Organization particularly with conventions nos. 298798100105111138 and 182.

Through the GFA, ThyssenKrupp also adheres to the principles of:

  • freedom of association
  • equal treatment and equal opportunities
  • abolition of forced and child labour
  • maximum working hours
  • reasonable remuneration tariffs
  • provision of occupational safety and health

To implement the agreed provisions and inform workers about the GFA, the company translated it into ten languages. The company is aware of potential violations of the agreement and created a special on-line system facilitating their rapid response.

The violations can be reported either on behalf of a named complainant or anonymously via a secure electronic message system: https://www.bkms-system.net/frameworkagreement.

All employees and their trade unions operating within the company can also report violations of the agreement via email at [email protected].

Matthias Hartwich, IndustriALL Global Union director, said:

The agreement signed with ThyssenKrupp provides a strong basis for monitoring the behaviour of the company in the various countries where it operates and effectively deal with violations if and when they occur. We can only welcome the creation of a system that makes it easier to report violations. In addition, any complaint once accepted cannot be proclaimed finalized without approval by the International Committee, where IndustriALL is represented with ThyssenKrupp.

Thyssenkrupp employs around 155,000 employees in nearly 80 countries.