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TOTAL FAIR Committee meets during the second year of GFA’s implementation

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14 July, 2017Members of FAIR Committee (Facilitate the Application, Involvement of all and regular measurement of the Results of the agreement) of TOTAL global framework agreement (GFA) met in Casablanca, Morocco, on 11 July to follow up the GFA signed between IndustriALL and TOTAL in January 2016.

The FAIR committee is composed of representatives from trade unions affiliated to and designated by IndustriALL Global Union. Currently the committee contains one representative from IndustriALL, three Group employees from countries outside the European Union (Argentina, Nigeria and Morocco), and four members of the European Works Council (France, Germany, Belgium and Spain).
This is the second time that the FAIR Committee meets to evaluate the work and implementation of the agreement, while realizing that not all workers and union representative are aware of its existence. Further spread of the GFA among local mangers and unions in countries where the company is present is needed. The union group developed a work plan for next year to improve communication among TOTAL workers.
During the meeting all chapters of the GFA were discussed with management. Having a GFA is not an end to all problems, but they can be monitored and solved quickly.

In Nigeria, there is a problem with the individual protection equipment, necessary for the health and safety of the workers. Most of the time it is of bad quality and incomplete, and sometimes it is delayed.

The process of hiring new staff was frozen in 2016, due to the drop in oil proces. With retired workers not being replaced, existing workers are tired and exhausted, which can lead to dangerous mistakes. Management confirmed that they are planning to open the hiring process again in 2018, as new people are needed.

Contractors and suppliers need to have the exactly the same health and safety conditions as permanent workers of the Group, and it needs to be monitored in the agreement.

Employees of the group has a life insurance provided by the company, but the insurance currently covers only 88 per cent of the workforce. Although increasing, the full 100 per cent will not be covered due to new subsidaries aquired, sometimes in countries where there are no insurance companies.

After the meeting the committee members visited two oil stations to see the working conditions and exchange some impressions with local management.
TOTAL has around 290 service stations and employs 500 people in refining, chemical, marketing, services and renewable energies in Morocco.